Kamis, 26 September 2013

Finally my blog already finished ^^

September, 9th 2013

Alhamdulillah, finally my blog have already ½ done hehe…. ^^
But since my blog didn’t complete yet. Importantly how is my blog that was simple and unique again #eaaa

Already ah…. Hope that my blog will be lost lasting Aminn.. hahaha.. So that is cloud let who read all Amin againnn *blessing XD

Are u ready????????????????????????????????

1.      Why did you really make your new blog like this? Or it only want to be like other blogger??
ð  Hehehe.. :D
Not only want it. It was depends of individual taste(?)
Look at, I really want to create it which is just a half of spare time my working. I mean called “ Helped my parents every day” because I was a good girl hehe #just kidding. But I didn’t get much sallry from them huaaaa T.T #be patient me la :P
Besides, I really want to share anything what I like and dislike in my posting of blog. At least I’ll try to focus just once/twice/3 times a week because I could divide my time between writing a blog and work. So that, I’ll not clash. Advised, I’m unemployed now #poor me
Did you understand? If not understand. I wont give you some Rp 500 hahaha #just kidding

2.      I know, you wouldn’t focus on your blogger soon or later?
ð  Hehe.. ah no… anyway I’ll be able to focus as much as my self to post on myblog later. If I have any idea and if I didn’t hav no idea. I’ll copas (copy paste) any important articles. So that must be given the original source/credit by me. It means to be creative writer ~(^.^~ ) #not use plagiarism. Dosa lho….

3.      Then , do you know something called “BLOGGER/BLOGSPOT” where was it from? Since when? Never made a blog before??
ð  Well, this interview what kind like this. Proble for you XD or you want offer me a new job hihi XD no no proble, la. I’m so sorry *bow
Ehmm,, that since on 2009 when I first time got ICT (Information Computer Technology) lessons. Because I was graduate of Compterization Accounting (?) #cieleeee…
At short story, my lecturer whom Mr…?? (I really sure forgot his name T.T ). He gave us expecially me the assignment named “ Make a blog” o.Oa
Nah… there be who teached  “ what is blog”,”what function of blog”,”how to create a blog” etc
Allright that assignment which I take re-write from file e-book and book in library. Then I started to create a blog like this. Alhamdulillah…. At least, I had finished to create it though no prefect in your eyes #plakk
Advised b’coz I’m not frefect human hihihi xD ah, it makes me confused. I don’t know what I should to do that? I don’t know my blogging is like what? I feel it make me be weird. It ause my lecturer did’t give us info how score my blog’s good or bad? Hadoohh.. so fate I’m student #it before I was graduate

4.      Then did your blog this you made?
ð  Ah no, my first blog was http://wulanmoon-2012.blogspot.com but unfortunately. I seldom wrote it so sad hear that ya my friend? Hikz,,hikz,,
Then I feel my blog like very slow slow and slow like a turtle walks so slowly. I couldn’t focu that previously.
You know right? I’m newbie/new netter and didn’t know anything when I was college, got a laptop but no have wifi in my home T.T #poor me

5.      Well, right now at 2013. This time you can create your new version blog. Then you will not focus it later?
ð  Eh, don’t say like this, give me a blessing for my blog or you give me ice cream as big as a truck hahaha. But Alhamdulillah, my father have already a modem “WIFI” in my home now yeyyyy #sorry :P. so, he want to browse whatever la, maybe he has important thing about his job.

6.      is there less with your blog?
ð  Ehmm,,, in my opinion. My blog is less common. There’s ice cream that readers can wash your eyesnot wash your heart haha #plakk (*note: I don’t like called “seduce the words” in Indonesia like seduce is nggombal. Ah so sorry *bow)

7.      Well right now you already bout you blog.how do your future like?what do you bless that you move orward undeterred and explain your reply briefly, clearly, shinly, solidly, liquidly,gasly #plakk explain please??
ð  Well, I want to the bloggers’ friends who create add and share anything with one another and can complementary that I wont be bored later. Eventhough I have no may friends of blogger. So, I want them T.T from away hehe :D
ð  May I copas (copy paste) expecially importantly articles if I can add my own sentences as my self. So must give ORIGINAL SOURCE!!
ð  If I have a cute idea. I’ll share my own diary/own activies everyay ^^
ð  I want produce of how my blog like? That “SEO” let alone assess my blog. Is my blog is cute or bad or weird? Some are bored or not? Some are uncomfortable making or no? some are all missing me?? Ihihihhi lolz
ð  Is my blog can generate real money called” halal”. If main asset must work hard without boring that write in blog or no? #blessing
ð  I want to increase page rangking/traffic like that #blessing again aminnnn haha

8.      What is not afraid of competition with another blogger that already be famous or popular?
ð  Ah no really scared la,,. It can be coomon. I’m sure I’ll try to work hard as able as get lucky something amiinnn

9.      Yeah, finally, the interview is closed now ya.. #flee xD
10.  Yelah bro… I’ve been flooded many question not clearly was so much like this. I guess this’s like  walk interview bout job haha xD W.O.L.E.S keep calm I mean :D

Alhamdulillah hehehe.. most original writing I wasjust sharing. Understandably still learn my English language as like also ordinary human. That we know? We are not prefect human, so we should thankful for what it is that we do not hav. So no problem if anyone who have a lisp et. Be excited ~!!!

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